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Reimagine your potential.

Transforming your vision into reality with expert coaching and strategic guidance.



Meet Genena Armstrong

Certified Professional and Personal Development Coach, DE&I Inclusion Consultant and Best-Selling Author

With over 25 years of industry experience, Genena has dedicated her life to helping others uncover their life’s purposes, whether professionally or personally. Her unique ability to listen and coach her clients to discover behaviors and pitfalls that keep them from becoming the “whole” person they were meant to be can only be experienced by spending a short time with Genena.

Genena is a firm believer that coaching is a partnership between the coach and "coachee" that is a transformative process with long-term benefits and rewards. As a coach, Genena assists clients in identifying and eliminating barriers to their success while allowing a safe space to focus on both short- and long-term goals.

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Recognize. Reimagine. Redefine.
Choose the transformational service that is best for you.

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A coach is very different from a therapist, who normally focuses on helping people work through “past” problems to heal. With Metamorphosis, learn to move “forward” through your actions and outcomes as you achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality.



Establish a better understanding of diversity and inclusion, culture and employee and community engagement allowing for workforce transformation that increases employee productivity, morale and  equips leaders with cultural competence needed in the global marketplace.




Genena has experience speaking, facilitating and moderating panels for small and large groups.  She is available for women’s events, conferences, small groups, award ceremonies, book clubs and has been a featured panelist for several corporate and private events. 



"I highly recommend Genena to anyone interested in developing their leadership muscles. Genena helped me create both a strategic and tactical approach to my development as a leader. She held me accountable to our plan and celebrated the wins throughout. Our coaching sessions continue to have profound impact on my career and life. I’m forever grateful to have Genena in my corner as my coach."

Shannon M.
Vice President, Professional Services at Alkami Technology


"Genena is special. I can’t begin to describe the immense impact she made on my life. She was a catalyst for me and I can honestly say she helped me navigate one of the toughest times in my career and life. I know anyone who works with her will benefit from her magnetic energy and compassion for others. If you are stuck, have a problem to solve or wanting to make big life decisions you will be better for engaging with and knowing Genena."

Teresa P.
Professional Coach


"Genena has been an incredible coach for me. Her supportive and insightful approach helped me think through key leadership and career questions. She helped me explore options and approaches and develop a clear strategy. Instead of just pointing the direction to go she patiently helped me discover answers that work for me. That led to real ownership for the strategy and outcome. Her uplifting energy makes her a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!"

Dominic B.
Director of Digital Marketing, 7-Eleven


Coach. Moderator. Author. Speaker. Thought Leader.
Hire Genena to speak at your next event.

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Bravely She Flies

Genena Woodson Armstrong

Inspired by the many stories of resilience, Bravely She Flies was born. Giving women an opportunity to voice and share their stories in their own words and in their own time.

Penning personal and real resiliency experiences as a public form of expression to acknowledge, appreciate, forgive and learn while sharing and connecting. It is our dream to inspire others to join us in a movement and to bravely become authors of their own chapters in many more Bravely She Flies to come.

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Ella Magazine

An Interview with Genena Woodson Armstrong

"I am passionate about supporting women—female entrepreneurs, women leaders, and women in every walk of life.

My genuine heart for people, my authenticity, is what I hear most people say they like about me.  I love creating enthusiasm in others. My goal is to always remain approachable and understanding in my demeanor with everyone who I’m surrounded by. I have both individual and corporate clients." 

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